5th Plasma School 2020

01 - 05 March 2020



Spring Plasma School at Port Said (EGYPlasma School) is an annual event that targets BSc and MSc students who are interested in or studying plasma physics and plasma applications. Even though all the school material and slides are in English, the lectures are in Arabic. EGYPlasma School is a week of lectures, hands-on computational tutorials, and problem-solving in plasma physics. Moreover, the participants can discover such a fantastic city –Port Said that overlooks Suez Canal and the Mediterranean sea. Participants and speakers are staying in the same resort; thus, the students have an excellent opportunity to ask and discuss the speakers about useful stuff, e.g., academic career, publication, study abroad, and seeking advice for the next step. If you are eligible, don’t miss such an opportunity, and apply before the deadline, 30 Nov 2019 at 22:59:59.

One day conference

The last day of the school is a one day conference, in which MSc students, Ph.D. candidates, and postdocs can present their work. An excellent opportunity to have feedback from attendance on your work. Even though it is a low-stress conference, a contribution certificate will be issued. Attending only the conference is possible if you will give a presentation.


  • Introduction to plasma physics.
  • Plasma in Nuclear Fusion.
  • Plasma in astrophysics.
  • Laser-Plasma Interactions.
  • Plasma formation and diagnoses in lab.
  • Plasma in drilling for geothermal energy.


  • Physics students, and Engineering students, e.g., nuclear, electrical, or any plasma-related field.
  • 3rd level or above. However, 2nd level students can apply depending on the studied courses.
  • MSc and PhD researcher in Plasma Physics or any discipline related to plasma.
  • Plasma school alumni can attend, but as a self-fund.


Organizing committee


To be announced.
01 Mar 2020: Opening & Introduction
Opening by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
A journey to mysterious plasma world by Waleed Moslem (Slides)

02 Mar 2020: Fundamentals of Plasma Physics
Types of plasma and the related force by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
Electrostatic by Mohamed Shihab (Slides)
Mathematical models in plasma physics by Ibraheem Elkamash (Slides)
Magneto-static by Mohamed Shihab (No Slides)
Quantum-Dense plasma physics by Mahmoud Afify (No Slides)
Laser-induced plasma generation and characterizations by Walid Tawfik (No Slides)
Group work Python and LaTex by Mohamed Ezzat (Slides)

03 Mar 2020: Basic Concepts & Plasma Applications
Electromagnetic by Mohamed Shihab (Slides)
Atmospheric nonthermal plasma jet and its applications by Kamal Hagag (Slides)
Basic waves in plasma by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
Electromagnetic waves in plasma by Ibraheem Elkamash (Slides)
Plasma propulsion technologies by Mohamed Abd-Al-Halim (No Slides)
Applications of laser-induced plasma by Walid Tawfik (No Slides)
Plasma in energy research (Fusion and Geothermal) by Mohamed Ezzat (No Slides)
Plasma instability and the concept of beta by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
Group work - problem solving by Organizing Team (No Slides)
How to apply for a fellowship by Mohamed Ezzat (No Slides)

04 Mar 2020: Plasma Applications and Research
Electrical models of plasma discharges by Mohamed Shihab (Slides)
Nonlinearity (from nature to plasma) by Waleed Moslem (No Slides)
Neutral beam injector for future fusion reactors (Helicon Plasma) by Kamal Hagag (No Slides)
Biomedical applications of atmospheric non-thermal plasma by Shaimaa Eldeighdye (No Slides)
The cutting edge of plasma physics by Mahmoud Afify (Slides)
Plasma and cosmology by Amr El-Zant (No Slides)
Scientific publications and How to write a research paper by Waleed Moslem (No Slides)

05 Mar 2020: The 2nd One Day Plasma Conference (Downstream Researches in Plasma Physics)
Plasma flow control by Deyaa-El-Haq Nabil (Slides)
Dynamical effect of laser bumped electron-hole semiconductor by Amany Elgarawany (No Slides)
Nonlinear ion acoustic waves in a weakly relativistic plasma by Nora Elshafeay (Slides)
Electrostatic waves in an inhomogeneous plasma at Venus by Alaa Fayad (Slides)
Nonlinear analysis for ion acoustic waves at Venus ionosphere by Faisal Sayed (Slides)
Interaction of injected dust particles with plasma by Safaa Hameed (Slides)
Characterization of photo-neutrons produced by laser-plasma by Eltayeb Hassan (No Slides)
Materials engineering challenges in fusion reactors by Mohamed Anwar (Slides)
Linear waves and streaming instability in Herbig–Haro object by Ahmed Hisham (No Slides)

Registeration fess

The following fees cover the accommodation and meals during all days of the school.
  • 300 EGP: Egyptian students with scholarship.
  • 1200 EGP: Egyptian students without scholarship.
  • 400 USD: Non-Egyptian students *.
* Can be waived via the ICTP grant, which covers the travel expenses, accommodation, and meals for students from OAE countries.

Important Dates

  • 31 Aug 2019 Application open
  • 30 Nov 2019 Application deadline
  • 09 Dec 2019 Interview
  • 31 Dec 2019 Results
  • 14 Jan 2020 Payment deadline
  • 01 Mar 2020 School starts
  • 05 Mar 2020 School end


  • Shared rooms, in El-Fayroz Resort.
  • Check-in: 01 Mar 2020 from 10:00 AM.
  • Check-out: 06 Mar 2020 before 12:00 AM.

Application steps

  1. Create an account.
  2. Login.
  3. Complete your personal data.
  4. Upload the following documents:
    • Motivation letter.
    • Transcript (online transcript is ok and not necesssary to be a hard copy).
    • University card.
    • Recommendation letter (in English).
  5. Submit the application before the deadline.