7th Plasma School 2022

06 - 08 March 2022
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Spring Plasma School at Port Said (EGYPlasma School) is an annual event that targets BSc and MSc students who are interested in or studying plasma physics and plasma applications. Even though all the school material and slides are in English, the lectures are in Arabic. EGYPlasma School is a week of lectures, hands-on computational tutorials, and problem-solving in plasma physics. Moreover, the participants can discover such a fantastic city –Port Said that overlooks Suez Canal and the Mediterranean sea. Participants and speakers are staying in the same resort; thus, the students have an excellent opportunity to ask and discuss the speakers about useful stuff, e.g., academic career, publication, study abroad, and seeking advice for the next step. If you are eligible, don’t miss such an opportunity, and apply before the deadline, 31 Dec 2021 at 23:59:59.

One day conference

The last day of the school is a one day conference, in which MSc students, Ph.D. candidates, and postdocs can present their work. An excellent opportunity to have feedback from attendance on your work. Even though it is a low-stress conference, a contribution certificate will be issued. Attending only the conference is possible if you will give a presentation.

Poster in Arabic

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  • Basics of Plasma physics.
  • Space Plasma.
  • Plasma-Pulse Geo-Drilling.
  • Experimental Plasma.
  • Plasma Etching.
  • Plasma Approximation.


  • Physics students, and Engineering students, e.g., nuclear, electrical, or any plasma-related field.
  • 3rd level or above. However, 2nd level students can apply depending on the studied courses.
  • MSc and PhD researcher in Plasma Physics or any discipline related to plasma.
  • Plasma school alumni can attend, but as a self-fund.


  • Ibrahem Elkamash (Mansoura University)
  • Mahmoud. S. Afify (Benha University)
  • Samy Salem (Arab Academy of Sci. and Tech. and Mar.)
  • Mohamed Ezzat (ETH-Zurich & Mansoura University)
  • Amr El-Zant (CTP, British University in Egypt)
  • Azza Talab (Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority)
  • Diaa khalil (Ain Shams University)
  • Waleed Moslem (Port Said University and CTP at BUE)

Organizing committee


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06 Mar 2022: Opening & Introduction
Opening by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
Introduction to plasma physics by Ibraheem Elkamash (Slides)

07 Mar 2022: Basic Concepts & Plasma Applications
Observation of electrostatic waves in plasma by Mahmoud Afify (Slides)
Plasma models by Ibraheem Elkamash (Slides)
Plasma-Pulse Geo-Drilling for Geothermal Energy by Mohamed Ezzat (No Slides)
Deference between big and small experimental plasma devices by Azza Talab (Slides)
Plasma regimes and plasma approximations (Part I) by Waleed Moslem (No Slides)
Cosmological plasma and the microwave background by Amr El-Zant (No Slides)
Group work (I) by Azza Talab (No Slides)
Group work (II) by Plasma Team (No Slides)
Plasma experiment by Arabia company (No Slides)

08 Mar 2022: Basic Concepts & Plasma Applications & The 4th One Day Plasma Conference
Solar wind and ionic escaping from planetary objects by Samy Salem (Slides)
Plasma etching in MEMS engineering and its optical applications by Diaa khalil (No Slides)
Plasma regimes and plasma approximations (Part II) by Waleed Moslem (No Slides)
Radio frequency capacitive coupled plasma Ar-CF4 discharge by Mohamed Elsheikh (No Slides)
Effect of cold atmospheric pressure plasma on diabetic wound healing by Mohamed Khalaf (Slides)
Characteristics of ion-acoustic solitons at martian dayside ionosphere by Hala Elgohary (No Slides)
Ionic loss from Venus through the solar wind interaction with the Venusian ionosphere by Nora Elshafaey (Slides)
Numerical Investigation of the Immersion Liquid Blanket as a heat extractor in ARC Fusion Reactor by Ayman A. Hamada (Slides)
Way to science and scientific publication by Waleed Moslem (Slides)
How to apply for a graduate program by Faisal Sayed (Slides)


  • For the conference participants: 2 X Best presentation awards: 1000 EGP.
  • For students: 2 X Best problem solving awards: 750 EGP.

Feedback of the students

Mahmoud Saleh, Assuit University says
I can say that the whole lectures are so nice and convincing. All lectures give new words and frontiers not only in plasma physics but also in science and scientific research in general. When Dr. Ibrahim Elkamash presented his lectures I heard new things that I do not know much about. Things are such as the difference between physical & mathematical systems, modeling, and building of physical theories & hypotheses. Also, Dr. Mahmoud Saad gave me a hint about why physicists prefer scalar functions like Hamiltonian and Lagrangian rather than Newtonian ones. Besides that, Dr. Waleed Moslem talked about regimes, approximations, and limits of using models as approaches to plasma systems which I heard for the first time in my life. In presentations of conferences, one knew new themes in research like that of Dr. Mohamed Ezzat presented in Plasma-Pulse Geo-Drilling for Geothermal Energy. Lastly, I would like to say that all lectures are very interesting and fascinating. One lecture (by Dr. Amr El-Zant) was very compressed and I do not understand very well. I think this lecture needs to be stretched.

Anonymous says
بالنسبة للدكاترة الموضوع كان مميز بالنسبالي ممكن عشان تخصصي مش حاجه من الي اتشرحت ف مقدرش احكم ع الامور جيدا لكن بشكل عام كنت شايفة المعلومات قيمة

Anonymous says
the speakers were very supportive and hardworking, the lectures were informative but for some lectures they were so advanced for someone who is the first time to start to deal with plasma

Anonymous says
( معظم المحاضرات كانت جيده جدا بس كان يوجد بعض من المحاضرات advanced شويه علينا ذي محاضره دكتور ابراهيم)

Anonymous says
Lectures were useful and cover wide range of topics in plasma physics. Speakers are very strong at their job.

Anonymous says
جميله جدا واستفدت كتير جدا

Anonymous says
المتحدثين كويسين جدا بامانه انما المشكلة في الترتيب و ضغط المدرسة الصراحة ٣ ايام غير كافيه لان ضغط الشغل كلوا في تاني يوم ف الافادة بتكون قليله

Anonymous says
Most of the lecture were easy except Cosmological plasma and the microwave background, it was very complicated for me, the speakers are very friendly and modiste especially prof/ Mohamed Ezzat.

Anonymous says
اساتذتنا اللي درسولنا لمحاضرات كانو حقا نعم الاساتذه واشهد انهم علي قدر كبير من العلم لذا احب ان اشكرهم جميعا وادعو الله ان يبارك في اعمارهم ويحفظهم لنا

Anonymous says
كانت ممتازه حيث قدمت نبذه مختصره عن المفاهيم الأساسيه للبلازما بطريقه مبسطه

Anonymous says
المحاضرات كانت جميلة جدًا وألمت بالبالزما من نواحي كتيرة وكانت أفضل مقدمة ممكن الواحد يتعرضلها في علم البلازما. يمكن بس بعض المحاضرات النظرية في أساسيات البلازما كانت محتاجة وقت أكبر فده ممكن يتظبط بإن المحاضرات اللي في أساسيات علم البلازما تاخد وقت أطول + It would be nice if there were some problem solving sessions

Anonymous says
It was such an honor to be surrounded by great physicists and engineers. All doctors were amazing; they gave us the knowledge to go deeper into plasma physics.

Anonymous says
توصيل المعلومة بطريقة مبهرة و المعلومات كانت شوية Advanced مبسطة والبعض كان

Anonymous says
The lectures were more about theoretical plasma and very little about experimental physics

Anonymous says
المحاضرات و الدكاتره كانوا كويسين ولكن بعض المحاضرات مقدرتش افهمها كانت advanced، عجبني كمان التنوع فالمواضيع و قدرت اعرف تطبيقات البلازما اكتر.

Anonymous says
اعتقد المحاضرات و المحاضرون كانوا جيدين جدا و متعاونين و تم عرض اكثر من فكرة و اكثر من موضوع

Anonymous says
Very informative and well worth it for the great knowledge it gives you. Speakers were very friendly, supportive and encouraging. Open communication was one of the strongest skill that I learned during the school. I wish the school had been longer in period so we can discuss more topics.

Anonymous says
The lectures explaining the fundamentals of plasma were very useful and beneficial for me. However, some of the too specific topics on some lectures were advanced or not of my interest because they are in different field of mine. But that variety of topics that show the application of plasma in different fields widened my horizon and made me gain more ideas about the other fields.

Anonymous says
المحاضرين والمحاضرات كانت عظيمة جدا وتناسب طلبة الدراسات العليا اكتر اعتقد المحاضرات كانت محتاجة مقدمات زيادة واكتر عن البلازما، كنت اتمني يدخل مجال بلازما الفضاء اكتر و هندسة وتطبيقات البلازما

Anonymous says
The lectures were especially useful and enriched me with valuable information. I knew new things in plasma through those lectures, in fact, it was the first time I hear about them. It was a great chance to take part in plasma school and listen to lectures from the pioneer professors of plasma physics.

Anonymous says
In general, the lectures were very good but it needs to be more attractive about the topics. I highly recommend speakers like Dr. Ibrahim Elkamash I want to especially thank him for his presentation skills, you can also invite more professors from different places I think they were not enough in the school. So you can pay more attention to develop the students skills (ideas of other presentations: how to speak to the audience and make a good presentation, how to apply to a scholarship in detail and hints from [speakers that actually won a scholarship and had international experience], current trends in research, scientific writing and research ... there are a lot of ideas). force speakers not to repeatedly talk alot about introduction about plasma it might already be done by the opening of the school and to jump to the point quickly then motivate them with their work. the group work is the most important time you have to think about keep it up it to force participants to social more with each other.

Eslam Soltan, Port Said University & Badr University in Assuit says
البلازما اسكول فرقت معايا كتير واستفدت منها كتير جدا. المحاضرات كانت شيقة وفيها تنوع واختلاف ولكن بشكل منسق بيخدم على الهدف العام. والبلازما اسكول من اقوى الكومينتى الموجوده حاليا خصوصا فى الفيزياء بيتلاقى فيها مختلف الافكار والفئات من مختلف الجامعات. الدكاترة بتتعامل بكل تواضع مع الطلاب مافيش حد بيبخل على حد بمعلومة وكلهم بيرحبوا جدا بتقديم المساعدة .كمان الجو العام للسكول بيساعد الطلاب انهم يكسروا حاجز الخجل والخوف ويبدائوا يتعملوا مع بعض وكمان بتنمى روح العمل الجماعى فى الجروب ورك المختلفة .وحلقات النقاش كانت بتساع الجميع وكان مرحب باى حد انه يشارك.

Anonymous says
Lectures and speakers were very good and cooperative. Lecturers introduced theoretical plasma in a good and organized manar especially Dr.Samy Salem and Dr.Ibraheem El Kamash who has a great knowledge about theoritical plasma. I admired Dr.El Zant who made a great difference on my knowledge with his excellent background about the basics of physics. Unfortunately, Lectures were very little in the experimental direction. Finally I really admired Dr.Azza Talab who was a great example of experimental researcher.

Anonymous says
The lectures are clear and well prepared, yet the content is prepared assuming that all the attendees have a good background on plasma. The lectures are not suitable for 0 background.

Anonymous says
علي ان اشيد بمدى احترافية التقديم وطريقة توصيل المعلومة الذي يدل على الاهتمام بالجانب الاكاديمي والبحثي ومراعاة التطوير الدوري والدائم ومواكبة العالم ومحاولة الوصول لاعلى جودة وبمواصفات عالمية في الجانب العلمي والبحثي في مصر

Anonymous says
بالنسبه للمحاضرات كان في حاجات استفادنا منها فعلا و الحاجات التانيه فتحت لينا طريق لحاجات كتير ندور عليها و نستفيد الدكاتره كانوا حاجه الواحد مش متوقعها خالص ان نقعد عادي كده و نتكلم براحتنا مع اي دكتور عموما دي حاجه انا مش بعرف اعملها في الطبيعي مع كل الناس

Anonymous says
عاوزه أقول انها كانت تجربه لطيفه جدا وانه المحاضرين كانوا ناس عظيمه بجد بس كنت حابه اقول حاجه بسيطه انه كانت بدايه معظم المحاضرين كانت حاجه advanced شويه لمعظم الناس لانه ف ناس مكنش عندها معلومات كافيه تخليها تستوعب اللي بيتقال بس كانت بتحاول تفهم وكمان وقت وعدد ساعات المحاضرات كان محتاج يتوزع ع ايام اكتر شويه عشان الاستيعاب يحصل بطريقه أفضل لكن فكره المدرسه فكره عظيمه لانها كمان خلتنا اتعرفتا علي محاضرين عظماء وطلبه مختلفه واتعرفنا ع عقليات عظيمه ومختلفه واستفادنا من بعض بجد كان ليا الشرف اني حضرت مدرسه البلازما وسط ناس في مجالها مختلفه وشاطره بجد

Anonymous says
Honestly, not all the lectures met my expectations, yet overall they were quite helpful and informative.

Anonymous says
Lectures and presentations that addressed research aspects of plasma were very good, and gave very proper exposure to the subject in an interesting way. However, theory lectures were mostly below expectations. They were very shallow, and did not provide a proper introduction to theoretical plasma physics foundations, apart from the very absolute basics. Overall, my learning experience was rewarding, and I hope to participate again in the future.

Anonymous says
The lectures were very helpful, They introduced me to the field neatly especially that of Dr.Ibraheem ElKamash as he focused on the classifications and scientific terminologies, and he was very organized. In addition to the lectures of Dr. Waleed they had a huge positive impact on my knowledge about the field. Lastly, I was greatly inspired by Dr. Azza Talab and the way she delivered to us how great the mindset of a scientist can be, she is very humble and honest and the most persistent. this is in addition to all the lectures that had great speakers and great content. Thank you

Anonymous says
معظم الدكاترة كانت كويسة جدا واستفدت جدا

Anonymous says
ًرائع جدا Gorgeous

Abubakar Fadul, Omdurman Islamic University says
مشاء الله تبارك الله المحاضرات والمحاضرين كلها كانت مفيدة جدا والأداء كان متميز من جانب الاساتذة

Anonymous says
The lectures was useful , different and some of them changed my mind ...

Anonymous says
Very good dr azza and dr Ibrahim specially and all was good

Anonymous says
I absolutely loved the school and it was inspiring on so mant levels. The content was good but some lectures needed more elaboration. I found the MEMS lecture very irrelevant. I highly recommend that each speaker states his prereq. for it to be easier to follow the lecture or at least announce us what should be revised to be in the picture.

Anonymous says
استفدت منهم كتير وخصوصًا دكتور وليد ودكتور إبراهيم القماش ودكتور عمرو الزنط

Anonymous says
The instructors were very awsome. but the fundmental need more effort than that. Physics without math is meanless. if i have statistics said that 70% of the applicants have no idea about plasma, i would push more effort to establish these fundmentals. Yup it was very fantastic to discuss were plasma reach and were is the field of research and discuss with them (researchers) their projects and researches. You can do smth like a panel talks or round table the presenter discuss the content. thats will save time for fundmental. Also, you need to redesign the lectures time to give each one the real time which she deserve. Derviation is very important. Yup i understand that the aim of school to give some information about plasma and if you like it come and continue,but that will not happend if is there a good base. The background is not the same yup but we can give them the opportunity to get close from each other not by connection only but also their levels. who know educated who does not know.

Anonymous says
المحاضرات كانت مفيدة جدا ، كما أنها تساعد علي الفهم الجيد و الإحاطة بكثير من مفاهيم علم فيزياء البلازما و إدراك العديد من جوانبها ، كما قدم المُحاضرون محتوهم بشكل سلس و مفهموم وبدرجة عالية من الكفاءة

Anonymous says
غنية بالمعرفة والدكاتره قمة في التواضع

Anonymous says
I do like the engagement of instructors and their TAs into the programme especially Dr Azza and how she created a different mode of learning during the lecture, how they were trying their best to simplify theories especially Dr Ibrahim, and of course not to forget about the last two lectures provided by Dr Waleed and Faisal that were really helpful for the career of every scientist. However, I sometimes thought the courses were deviated to an advanced level that not everyone was in a complete understanding of what is happening, like Dr Amr El Zant and Dr Diaa.

Anonymous says
The lectures were excellent and the speakers were very helpful

Anonymous says
Lack of politics for students

Anonymous says
This year's plasma school was better than the 5th school. I think this year's lecturers were chosen wisely.

Anonymous says
Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good

Anonymous says
الدكاترة كانت على أعلى مستوى منهم دكتور:وليد مسلم و دكتور: إبراهيم القماش

Anonymous says
We should refere to the previous plasma schools' lectures for the students to be updated with the whole content of previous plasma schools

Anonymous says
The lecturers and speakers were amazing and helpful. Each one was able to give the information with a very understandable way which was important to the participants. They made us explore new applications and fields in the plasma world. They gave the opportunity to discuss any questions we had in mind with a very comfortable way in delivering. I would like to add a third option as one of the best lecturers Professor Ibrahim Elkamash about Plasma models and how he made it so easy and fun to all the listeners.

Registeration fess

The following fees cover the accommodation and meals during all days of the school.
  • 400 EGP: Egyptian students with scholarship.
  • 1600 EGP: Egyptian students without scholarship.
  • 400 USD: Non-Egyptian students *.
* Can be waived via the ICTP grant, which covers the travel expenses, accommodation, and meals for students from OAE countries.

Important Dates

  • 01 Sep 2021 Application open
  • 31 Dec 2021 Application deadline
  • 05 Jan 2022 Interview
  • 07 Jan 2022 Results
  • 14 Jan 2022 Payment deadline
  • 06 Mar 2022 School starts
  • 08 Mar 2022 School end


  • Shared rooms, in El-Fayroz Resort.
  • Check-in: 06 Mar 2022 from 10:00 AM.
  • Check-out: 09 Mar 2022 before 12:00 AM.

Application steps

  1. Create an account.
  2. Login.
  3. Complete your personal data.
  4. Upload the following documents:
    • Motivation letter.
    • Transcript (online transcript is ok and not necesssary to be a hard copy).
    • University card.
    • Recommendation letter (in English).
  5. Submit the application before the deadline.