3rd Plasma Basics Course

04 Jul - 27 Jul 2022
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Plasma Basics Course is a summer course, in which we introduce a series of lectures on the basics of plasma physics. The requirement to follow the course is the basic physics course (i.e., mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and electrodynamics is preferable). The course comes in four full days (day/week) from 04 Jul 2022 to 27 Jul 2022. This year the course takes place in BUE and Port Said University.


Organizing committee


To be announced.


  • Introduction and plasma nature.
  • Single particle motion with E=0.
  • Single particle motion with E&B ≠ 0.
  • Introduction to plasma theories.
  • Kinetic plasma description.
  • Macroscopic plasma equations (fluid theory).
  • Plasma as a fluid.
  • Waves in plasma.
  • Plasma oscillations.
  • Electron plasma waves.
  • Ion plasma waves in a cold and warm plasma.
  • Electrostatic electron oscillations perpendicular to B.
  • Electrostatic ion waves perpendicular to B.
  • Plasma Instability.
  • The concept of β.
  • Two stream instability.

Course schedule

Day Time Location
04.07.2022 12:00-16:00 British University in Egypt
19.07.2022 12:00-16:00 Port Said University
20.07.2022 09:00-16:00 Port Said University
26.07.2022 12:00-16:00 Port Said University
27.07.2022 09:00-16:00 Port Said University
A limited number of grants are available to cover the accommodation between the consecutive days in Port Said.


  • Physics students in 3rd or 4th level.
  • Nuclear Engineering students in 3rd, 4th or 5th level.
  • MSc and PhD student in Plasma Physics or any discipline related to plasma.

Registeration fees & Scholarships

  • The course is free of charge.
  • Scholarship to cover travelling expenses.**
**A limited number is available.


  • 15 Apr 2022 Application open
  • 01 Jun 2022 Application deadline
  • 16 Jun 2022 Results
  • 04 Jul 2022 Course starts
  • 27 Jul 2022 Course end

Application steps

  1. Create an account.
  2. Login.
  3. Complete your personal data.
  4. Upload the following documents:
    • Motivation letter.
    • Transcript (online transcript is ok and not necesssary to be a hard copy).
    • University card.
  5. Submit the application before the deadline.