Dr Shaimaa Eldeighdye

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
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Dr Shaimaa Eldeighdye, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Photo
Name Shaimaa Eldeighdye
Affiliation Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
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Email shaimaa122019@yahoo.com
Phone+20 1202696418

Research Keywords

Plasma jet - Blood coagulation - Plasma activated water (PAW),Wound healing - rats models - Electrophoresis - Histochemistry - Diabetic models - Plant extraction - Minerals salts - nephrotoxicity - Gamma irradiation - Plasma - Cancer cells.

Brief Biography

Dr. Shaimaa received her MSc degree in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, in 2014. The thesis entitled (The Effect of Some Mineral Salts in Water on Nephrotoxicity Induced by Ethylene Glycol in Adult Male Albino Rats). Then, she got her Ph.D. from the same university with a thesis entitled (The Therapeutic Effect of Radiation and Some Different Factors on Wound Healing in Diabetic Albino Rats), in 2017.

Dr. Shaimaa's focus is the medical applications of cold plasma, which was a turning point in her career. She works as a part of the Cold Plasma Group Lab, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority. This group utilizes the properties of cold plasma in various fields (e.g., biomedical applications). Several intermediates exist between plasma and the living cell; however, plasma-activated water (PAW) has a significant role in the link between plasma devices and living cells.

Dr. Shaimaa's current research is to investigate the mechanism of plasma actives species with different living cells. Understanding this mechanism may lead to utilizing of plasma in several biomedical applications.
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