Learn LaTex - عربي

Session (1) LaTex for beginners

Session (2) Presentation with LaTex

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What is LaTex?

LaTex is a high-quality system for technical/scientific writing.

What can we do using LaTex?

You can write a report, paper and thesis.

What is the advantages of LaTex?

It can hamdle the following automatically;
  1. Order and format the references.
  2. Numbering equations, tables and figures.
  3. Style fonts, margins, linespacing, paragraph spacing.
  4. Style the title, autohrs, affiliations, abstract and keywords.
  5. Generates list of contents, list of tables, list of gifures and list of symbols.
  6. And so many other astonshing features that you need to learn to explore them.

How can I start?

  1. Go to Overleaf website and create a free account.
  2. Wach the below two session to learn:
    • LaTex concept.
    • How to start a project with overleaf.
    • How to define the page style.
    • How to write equation, insert figure, and create table.
    • How to create a referemce list and cite them.
    • How to refer to equations, figures, and tables.

What to do next.

  1. Start to repeat the session tutorials.
  2. Start your own project that has text, equation, table and Figure.
  3. Then add the title, two authors, and their affiliations.
  4. After that, create 5 references and refer to them in the project.
  5. If you have any quation, please write them down below in a comment, and I will answer you.