A. Professor Mohammed Shihab

Tanta University
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A. Professor Mohammed Shihab, Tanta University Photo
Name Mohammed Shihab
Affiliation Tanta University
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Email mohammed.shihab@science.tanta.edu.eg
Phone+20 1063627579

Research Keywords

Low temperature plasma modeling - Kinetic simulation using particle-in-cell and Ensemble-in-Space time - Fluid models - Lumped model circuits - Capacitively Coupled plasma - Plasma jets - RF discharges - Warm dense matter - X-ray Thomson scattering - Optical and x-ray lasers - Plasma expansion modeling

Brief Biography

M. Shihab is graduated from the Faculty of Education, Tanta University 2000, and then from the Faculty of Science, Tanta University 2002 in the field of physics. MSc from Faculty of Science, Tanta University 2007 in the topic “on the theory of short-wavelength lasers for recombining plasmas”. Ph.D. in Theoretical Electrical Engineering from Ruhr University Bochum 2013 in the topic “The dynamics of plasma Sheaths”. PostDoc in Rostock University 2014-2016 in the field of laser-matter interaction.
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