Professor Nazih Zaki

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
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Professor Nazih Zaki, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Photo
Name Nazih Zaki
Affiliation Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
Phone+20 1004943245

Research Keywords

Drift instabilities - Beam–Plasma Interaction and instabilities - Numerical Analysis of waves in Plasma - Parametric and Weibel Instabilities.

Brief Biography

Prof. Nazih George ZAKI has been a research scientist in Plasma & Nuclear Fusion Dept., N.R.C., Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, since 1981, where he is currently a Professor and a member of the theoretical group. His current research interests include 1. Drift instabilities in inhomogeneous Plasma. 2. Beam Plasma Interaction and instabilities. 3. Numerical Analysis of waves in Hot Plasmas.
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