Dr Fawzia Agha

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
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Dr Fawzia Agha, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Photo
Name Fawzia Agha
Affiliation Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
Research ProfileResearchGate
Email drfawziaagh7@gmail.com
Phone+20 1000062651

Research Keywords

Experimental Plasma - Cold Plasma - Plasma focus - Plasma dynamics accelerator - DC glow discharge - Microwave - Vircator.

Brief Biography

Dr. Fawzia Agha has been a research scientist in Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Department, Nuclear Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, since 1986.

Dr. Fawzia has published several papers on plasma focus and plasma dynamics accelerator and the DC glow discharge. Her research interest is Plasma focus, Plasma accelerator, Generation microwave, and Microwave application, and she focuses on plasma accelerator.
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