Dr Fathy Diab

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
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Dr Fathy Diab, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Photo
Name Fathy Diab
Affiliation Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority
Research ProfileResearchGate
Email fatheyd@yahoo.co.uk
Phone+20 1004987764

Research Keywords

Experimental Plasma - Plasma wall Interaction - Plasma coating teachnique - Physics of Tokamak - Stellarator - electrothermal plasma Accelerators - Plasma jet - Glow-Discharge Plasma Devices - Designs - Construction - Diagnostic Techniques - Measurements - Applications - Plasma Focus and Soft X-ray optimizations

Brief Biography

Dr.Fathy.B. Diab was born on March 10, 1977, in Sohag, Egypt. He received the B.sc. degree (Special Physics) from Al-Azhar University(Assiut Branch), in 2001. Then, he received the European Master in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Sciences from Gent University (Gent, Belgium) & Université Henri Poinçaire (UHP, Nancy, France) & University of Carlos III (Madrid, Spain) in 2009. His MSc thesis focus was the Plasma wall- Interaction, Hydrogen and Helium Recycling, and Plasma physics. In 2013, he received his Ph.D. degree (Electrothermal plasma Gun) from Al-Azhar University (Cairo branch). In 2004, he joined the Plasma and Nuclear Fusion department, Nuclear Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Anshass, Egypt.

His current interests include plasma diagnostics, electrothermal plasma Accelerators, the physics of dense plasmas, plasma focus, plasma torch, and magnetron plasma and its applications. Also, he deals with the ablation of surfaces exposed to dense plasmas produced in capillary discharges.
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