A. Professor Atef Elbendary

Tanta University
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A. Professor Atef Elbendary, Tanta University Photo
Name Atef Elbendary
Affiliation Tanta University
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Email atef.elbendary@science.tanta.edu.eg

Research Keywords

Dusty plasma - Non-Maxwellian Distributionsl - airns-Tsallis Distribution - Generalized (r,q) Distribution - Dust Size Distributions - Landau damping - and Rogue Waves.

Brief Biography

Atef Elbendary has been working as A. Professor of Plasma Physics in the Faculty of Science, Tanta University, since April 2019. He received his Ph.D. from Tanta University in 2004. He was granted a Scholarship from CIMO, Finland, in Applied Physics Department, Kuopio University at Finland, for 20 months, between 2001 and 2003. Also, he was a visiting college (2 months) to Electrical and Computer Engineering department at University New Mexico, (USA) in 2008. Professor Elbendary is a collaborator with teams from the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority since 1998. He is interested in Wave plasma interaction, Plasma MHD, Astrophysics, Plasma coaxial accelerators, Plasma pinches, Plasma confinement, Plasma deposition, and Dusty Plasma.
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